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Steinbeck House

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Image of John Steinbeck Silhouette over his child hood home The Steinbeck House in Salinas, CA

The Steinbeck House in Salinas California, a Queen Anne Victorian home, is the  birthplace and childhood home of author John Steinbeck (Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, East of Eden, Cannery Row, etc..)  Since 1973, it has operated as a 501c-3 nonprofit by The Valley Guild, solely for the maintenance and accessibility of the home to the readers of the world.  Just in the past five years, it has hosted visitors from 68 countries and all 50 states.  Our guests tell us of reading Steinbeck’s works in their native languages and of their efforts to visit his home in Salinas. The House is on the National Register of Historic Places. 

In order to meet expenses the Guild operates a restaurant on the main floor and a gift shop/bookstore in the Best Cellar. Staffed with 98 volunteers and only 3 paid employees, costs are minimized yet the income is simply insufficient. The House is 117 years old and there are many needs due to age, wear and tear. Repairs and replacements needs are pressing, like window screens and shades, carpeting, fencing, walk-in refrigeration (20 years +old) multiple pieces of kitchen equipment, skylights, outside paint, roof (20 years old), plumbing, staircases, electrical circuitry, etc. etc..

 The Steinbeck House is a main draw for visitors to Monterey County. We seek community assistance, both financial and through volunteering.
 Donate to perpetuate the life and legend of John Steinbeck.

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The Steinbeck House

132 Central Avenue
Salinas, CA 93901

Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am - 2:00pm

The Best Cellar Gift Shop
Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm

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